Eastsound Water Board election results are in.  The first question is “did we meet the election quorum?”.  The answer is YES (just barely).  Eastsound Water has 1073 memberships, with each membership having one vote.  A quorum is 10% of eligible votes or 108 votes.  Overall 110 votes were cast.

For the 2019 election Eastsound Water collected 43 proxy votes from 29 members.  There were 16 members who cast 20 votes via paper ballots at the annual meeting.  Finally 30 members voted online and cast 47 votes.   Some members have more than one membership, and therefore have more than one vote.

The election itself was uncontested but still required a quorum.   There were 3 seats of the Board of Directors open this year.  Two incumbents (Joe Cohen and Clyde Duke) ran for re-election and one newcomer (Scott Perryman) ran in this year’s election.  All 3 have been elected to 3 year terms on the Board.  

Cohen, Duke and Perryman join Jim Nelson, Scott Lancaster, Steve Smith and Patrick Shepler as your representatives on the Eastsound Water Board.