YEAH! Over 100 members who have established a LOGIN to Eastsound Water’s new EyeOnWater feature. This new feature allows members to view their recent water use, compare current use to historic use and set leak detection alerts. (Just hearing about EyeOnWater?, Check out for more info.)

Creating a LOGIN is not hard. It requires only the email address that most members have already provided Eastsound Water and that will not be shared with others. Minimally, I want to encourage members to LOGIN and activate the leak detection alert feature. Eastsound Water can’t do this for members. Early leak detection can prevent SHOCKING water bills, help conserve water, and prevent major property damage if a leak develops in your home.

We are learning more about the capacity of this new system, and I wanted to share some of this learning with you. First off, I’d like to define the term “continuous flow”. With this system, continuous flow means water has passed through the meter every hour for 24 consecutive hours. When EyeOnWater senses “continuous flow” it reports it as a POTENTIAL leak. In the first month of full operation, the most common cause of “continuous flow” reports have been associated with leaky toilets. There are a number of situations where “continuous flow” MAY NOT be a leak. Among such situations are properties with:

  • Reverse Osmosis water filters (they regularly “backwash” and can use water even when no one is home)
  • Water Softeners
  • Ice makers – especially commercial ones (they have automated cycles that could require water every hour.)
  • Larger Apartment Buildings and Hotels (these may have a toilet flushed every hour of the day.)
  • Pressure Booster stations might have some flow every hour without actually having a leak.

The “learning” with these infrequent situations is some members’ services may be reporting continuous flow that is NOT associated with a leak. However, these situations are few and far between, less than 2% of all of Eastsound Water connections.

EyeOnWater is a great new feature that Eastsound Water is providing its members to help you monitor your water use. Members are using EyeOnWater to better monitor and control their outdoor irrigation, and track the use of their vacation rental. Larger commercial uses are finding it helpful to track their summer surplus water fees. It only reports leak that are members’ responsibility. Eastsound Water is not monitoring your daily water use and you should not expect us to call if you have a water leak.