Billing & Payments

EWUA Billing and Payment Options


Members are able to receive their bills via email or U.S. Mail! EWUA has collected over 80% of member’s email addresses and uses those to communicate news on construction schedules, water service interruptions, and emergency issues. The email address EWUA has linked to your account is shown on every invoice. Please help keep our data current.

E-bills Registration Form

Online Payments

By registering for an EWUA account online, you can view the status of your account balance, recent water use history, and make a credit card payment. There is a processing fee for the online payment service. The cost is 3% of the bill with a $3.25 minimum. These fees go to the processing companies, not EWUA. EWUA does not save your credit card information in our local data system.

Online Payment Instructions

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Bank Draft

Eastsound Water members can choose to participate in a BANK DRAFT bill payment option to have their water bill payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account (ACH). This saves time, postage, and check writing costs. You will be assured that your payment is always made on time. Bank Drafts also save EWUA time processing and depositing checks.

How does Bank Draft work?

Bank Draft participants will still receive a statement as part of EWUA’s normal billing cycle. The statement will be marked with “PAYMENT WILL BE COLLECTED VIA DRAFT ON THE FIRST WORKING DAY AFTER THE 15TH.” You will receive your statement at least 10 days prior to EWUA initiating the draft, so you’ll know ahead of time what will be withdrawn from your account. Either checking or savings accounts can be drafted. THERE IS NO COST FOR THE BANKDRAFT SERVICE.

Bank Draft Registration Form

Drop Box

EWUA payments can be placed in a DROP BOX at “OFFICE CUPBOARD” located in the Eastsound Post Office Building on “A” Street. Payment can also be made after hours at the EWUA office at 286 Enchanted Forest Road, through the front door mail slot. Placing cash in either Drop Box is not recommended. Please be sure to include your LOCATION NUMBER or SERVICE ADDRESS with your payment so we credit properly.

Tenant Billing Option

A number of EWUA members are landlords interested in having their renters pay for their water use. EWUA can send a copy of your water bill to your tenants, while the member/landlord can receive either a paper bill via U.S. Mail or a copy of the E-bill (Email Bill). A property management agency can also be sent a copy of the E-bill. Please note that the EWUA member (the property owner and landlord) is ultimately responsible for all service fees. Eastsound Water does not “pro-rate” bills when tenants vacate a property, that is the responsibility of the member/landlord.

Members may also use this service to have EWUA send a copy of the bill to another family member, a bookkeeper, or a property manager.

Tenant Billing Request Form