As previously announced, Eastsound Water has adopted a new rate structure that will be applied to your next water service bills. This document is intended to help members anticipate their service fees under the new rates. Some lower water users and inactive members will see a reduction in fees, higher water users will experience an increase in service fees.

There are a number of previous posts shared with members about the new rates and rate structure development process. You’ll find them dated December 18, 2017April 6, 2018, and September 3, 2018, in the NEWS section of the website.

Here’s how to determine your 2019 service fees.

BASE RATE: Your base rate is calculated on your average 2018 monthly water use. If you used 36000 gallons in 2018, your month average is 3000 gallons (36000 divided by 12 = 3000 gal). The Base Rate component of your service fees will be billed at $14 per 1000 gallons. In our example, the base rate will be $42/month for the 12 months of 2019. (3000 gal x $14/1000 = $42/mo)

MINIMUM BASE RATE: The minimum base rate is $37/mo. This applies to both active and inactive accounts regardless of Service Class (Commercial, Residential, Multi-Unit) or Equivalent Residential Units.

CONSUMPTION FEE: In addition to the Base Rate, each account will be billed a Consumption Fee of $5 per 1000 gallons. This fee will be applied to all water use in a given billing period. In our example, 3000 gallons of water use will generate a Consumption Fee of $15 (3000 gal x $5/1000 gal = $15).

TOTAL BILL: Your total service fee obligation will be your BASE RATE plus your CONSUMPTION FEE. In our example, this would be $42 base + $15 consumption = $57 per month.

FINDING YOUR 2018 WATER USE: The easiest way to find your 2018 water use (the foundation of the 2019 base rate) is through our online EYE ON WATER system. Through your EYE ON WATER login, members can easily see their recent and historic water use. You can learn how to access EYE ON WATER on our website:

The below chart provides a comparison of the 2018 and new 2019 Rate Structure. The chart shows the current and upcoming rates for different Service Classes (residential, multi-unit, and commercial) and for a wide range of water use patterns.

WHAT THE COLORS MEAN: Users with GREEN rates will see a REDUCTION in their service fees under the new rate structure. Users in RED will see an increase in their service fees.

Columns shaded in GRAY are groups of water users under 2018 rates that paid the same regardless of water use. A residential service paid $47 per month whether they used 100 gal. or 5000 gal.

IMPROVING EQUITY: The 2019 rate structure applies to all water users the same, regardless of service class or ERU’s. The 2018 rates charged different service classes significantly different rates for the same water use. (See 8000 gal. line next to the blue arrow for an example).

Learn more about Eastsound Water rate-setting process at