Eastsound Water is undertaking a significant water main flushing project next week.

On Tuesday night (Feb 13) crews will be flushing water mains on the lower half of Buck Mountain, and on Terrill Beach and Olga Roads. The work will take place between 9 and 11 p.m.

Water main flushing is a common “best management practice” to maintain water quality, and remove the buildup of mineral deposits in the water mains.

Members will notice activity around multiple fire hydrants in the area. Some hydrants will be flowing water at a high velocity, others will be “trickle flushing”, still others will be used to monitor water system pressure. The flushing will create cloudy water. Water system operators will be attempting to limit the cloudy water to the immediate vicinity of the flushing. However, water clarity could be impacted elsewhere in the water system as well. Following the high-velocity flushing, stations around the water system will be set up to provide a low volume flush overnight to remove any “leftover” problems before Wednesday morning.

Members are recommended to complete their evening bathing and dishwashing prior to 9 p.m. and minimize water use after 9 p.m. This recommendation is especially important to those in the immediate vicinity of the flushing event. Perhaps post a reminder of the upcoming flushing on the refrigerator door or bathroom mirror?