Eastsound Water has invested in developing additional water system capacity to meet the future needs of our service area. Eastsound Water is currently serving 1241 active ERU’s (equivalent residential units). From 2006–2016 Eastsound Water’s growth rate has been less than 1% per year. Active connections have increased from 1020 in 2005 to 1241 in 2006. To the right is a chart of EWUA’s growth since 1972.

Eastsound Water has secured the water rights, and capacity to serve an additional 900+ ERU’s from our Klein, Greer, and Mt. Baker wells. This capacity is currently not “online” but can be brought online as demand is identified.

The State Office of Financial Management has offered a high, medium, and low scenario for San Juan County Growth over the next 20 years. The low scenario suggests a declining population. The medium has a group rate of less than 1%. The high projects are in less than 2%. (data source: http://www.ofm.wa.gov/pop/gma/projections12/GMA_2012_county_pop_projections.pdf)

Eastsound Water’s existing capacity will support 20 years of 3% growth, which is unlikely to occur.

In addition, Eastsound Water has identified that 89% of the parcels in our service area already have a water source. Future growth will be focused in the UGA, and will primarily be associated with sub-division of existing parcels.

For demand beyond 2035 and in excess of existing capacity, Eastsound Water has purchased property and developed plans for a desalination facility on the Northshore. Desalination does not require water rights, and could conceivably be scaled to meet a wide range in future demand. Desalination is frequently considered the last alternative, but it is a viable alternative. There are now multiple desalination facilities around the world that are being run on 100% renewable, carbon-free energy sources. Energy-recovery systems have significantly reduced the energy demand associated with this technology.

For the Comprehensive Plan currently being updated, Eastsound Water is capable of providing for the water needs of our service area

Eastsound Water’s study of the latest climate change projection for San Juan County does not suggest a decrease in total annual precipitation. (Report – https://eastsoundwater.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Climate-Change-Resilancy-Presentation.pdf)