Brian Ehrmantraut offered his resignation from the Eastsound Water Board at the November meeting. Brian has served on the Board for 10 years, filling the role of president form much of his term. The Association owes Brian a debt of gratitude for his volunteer service. Brian’s leadership at Eastsound Water has been absolutely vital to the advance the Association has made in the last decade.

Bill Burlew’s tenure on the Eastsound Water Board extends back to the late 1990’s. Bill had previously announced his retirement to be effective after the December 2016 Board meeting. Bill’s time on the Board has been highlighted by his strong support of the entire Eastsound Water staff.

At the August annual meeting the membership elected new Board members Joe Cohen (associated with Outlook Inn), Clyde Duke (owner of the Athletic Center and Random House), and Steve Miller (Facility Manager at Camp Orkila)

At the November meeting, the Board elected to fill the two Board vacancies with Dan Vekved (Opalco engineer) and Jim Nelson (owner of multiple commercial and hospitality properties).   Both Dan and Jim have had previous experience on the EWUA Board and will help bring some additional historic perspective to the new board members.

In accordance to the Association’s Bylaw, both Dan and Jim will fill the vacated seats until the next Annual Meeting, at which time their seats will be placed on the election ballot.

Currently, the EWUA Board consists of

  • Clyde Duke (President)
  • Bill Burlew (till Dec)
  • Joe Cohen
  • Steve Miller
  • Jim Nelson
  • Patrick Shepler
  • Dan Vekved