December 13 Board Meeting Summary

  1. This meeting was the last meeting for Bill Burlew, who has retired from the EWUA Board after more than 16 years of volunteer service. Bill’s sage wisdom will be missed.
  2. This meeting was also the first for recently appointed Board member Jim Nelson. In November. Jim was appointed to fill Bill’s vacancy. Jim has a long history of previous EWUA Board service.
  3. The Board approved a request from member Chris Dahl to expand his Pine St. membership to support a multi-unit development with 4 one-bedroom living units and 2 two-bedroom units.
  4. The Board approved a new membership request by Nichole Hill for a single family home on Lot 42 in View Haven, with service originating from Marilee Lane.
  5. On rare occasions, and as a last resort, Eastsound Water has the authority to “terminate” a membership for either extended delinquency of service fees or failure to complete a membership payment plan. The Board voted to postpone any termination action until a review of the Association’s Bylaws is completed this summer.
  6. The Board authorized website-posting of a staff-written Member Engagement Process Recommendations Study.
  7. The Board reviewed the current version of Eastsound Water Facility Upgrades Project List which details $2.5M of both necessary improvements to the water system and initiatives directed towards new capacity.
  8. The Board approved a project proposal to upgrade infrastructure on Pine St, and to explore extending the water main on Rose St. from the Library to Prune Aly. Both the projects eliminate dead-end water mains, improving system performance, fire flow, and water quality. Acting now takes advantage of significant cost-sharing opportunities working with other parties (Library Stormwater, San Juan County Public Works, Opalco, and Rock Island).