Eastsound Water would like to thank our members for their cooperation with recent water main flushing events. We understand they can be disruptive. During multiple evenings in March, Eastsound Water has flushed more than 7.5 miles of water mains throughout town. Water main flushing is a water system “best practice” for maintaining water quality. Doing “pro-active” flushing removes any sediment buildup that is common in water mains, and reduces the chance of problems during our island’s busy summer season. In many ways, you could equate water main flushing to having an annual physical with your doctor. It is a good way to ensure “you are functioning as you should.”

During the recent water main flushing regimes Eastsound Water received no reports of off colored water, but the flushing did create some “light tea” colored water during the events.

The recent flushing efforts also provided an opportunity to “exercise” more than 25 different hydrants through the system. This process confirms that the fire hydrants serving Eastsound are working properly. Many Orcas residents may not be aware that in San Juan County fire hydrants are funded, installed and maintained by private water systems and are not part of the Fire Department or other publicly funded entity. Eastsound does not need 6″, 8″ and 10″ water mains for potable needs. These oversized mains are required to provide flow to fire hydrants. Unfortunately, the normal flow of water through these oversized mains creates conditions that allow mineral sediments to deposit in the main. Thus the need for water main flushing.

To protect public health there are only 2 entities that are allowed access to a Fire Hydrant. The water system and the fire department. If you notice anyone else attempting to access a fire hydrant in the Eastsound area please contact Eastsound Water.

Again, thank you for your patience during these flushing events. Sample photos below.