Orcas temperatures warmed on Sunday. On Monday morning Eastsound Water has seen the water level in our Village Zone tank drop 1.3 ft. in the past 24 hrs. This is 23,000 gal of increased demand. The increase is likely linked to ruptured pipes in two or three vacant homes. Eastsound Water’s new cellular-reporting water meters will help us identify homeowner leaks, but not instantly. We have downloaded today’s meter readings for all water meters. We will do the same thing on Tuesday morning. By studying each service’s water use between Monday and Tuesday, we should be able to identify any problems. Still, any ruptured pipe will continue leaking.

frozen-pipeOver the weekend Eastsound Water staff responded to a few shut off requests that followed a Friday evening frozen pipe warning announcement. If your Eastsound home is vacant, Eastsound Water is still willing to physically inspect services looking for potential leaks. We also encourage members to keep an eye out for running water in unusual places and report their observations: 360-376-2127 or email pkamin@rockisland.com.