PRECIPITATION: At the close of May, Eastsound has recorded no measurable rainfall this month. Normally we see about 2” of rain in May. Despite the lower than normal rainfall to start the summer season, Purdue Lake (the source of 50% of our capacity) did not stop overflowing until May 10. This is about normal.

PURDUE LAKE OVERFLOW: When Purdue Lake stops overflowing has some significance. It begins the summer season during which Eastsound Water has to “make due” with the water stored in the Purdue. Between now and sometime in late fall, the water level in Purdue Lake will slowly drop as we take more out, and have little or no rain to help recharge the lake. Typically the infrequent rain that falls in June, July, August, and September is only enough to add some moisture to the soil, but seldom enough to actually charge the seasonal stream that runs into the Lake. (Purdue Lake provides 50% of EWUA’s production capacity, wells provide the remainder.)

2019 RATE STRUCTURE REMINDER: Going into the summer season I want to remind members that with our new rate structure starting in January 2019 your base rate will be determined by your 2018 average monthly water use. Many members use significantly more “discretionary water” during the next 4 months. In the new rate structure, you’ll be paying just over $1 every month next year, for every 1000 gallons of water use this summer. Under the new rate structure, there will no longer be a base allotment. Service fees apply to every gallon of water used. You can learn more about the new rate structure at

EYE ON WATER: If you have not yet developed a LOGIN to access EYE ON WATER, our online water metering portal, I encourage you to do so. EYE ON WATER allows members to see their daily, weekly, monthly and annual water use history. Access is available online via our website, and through an app for your phone. You can learn more by clicking the EYE ON WATER tab at   Currently, about 30% of members are using EYE ON WATER to monitor and manage their water use. LOGIN instruction can be found at

BOARD WORK: The Eastsound Water Board and its rate committee have been exploring the question of “Is a membership entitled to unlimited water use?” Most believe the answer is no. A more challenging question is “How much water is any member allowed to use before they should be asked to assist in helping fund expanding the production capacity of the system?” The Board will be considering recommendations from the rate committee at its June 19 meeting. Keep an eye out in your email inbox for more information in the near future.

SUMMER PROJECT TO EXPAND CAPACITY: Residential construction has certainly picked up. There are over 6 dozen homes either under construction or in planning that will be connected to Eastsound Water. A new well is being brought online this summer in order to ensure that the water system will have adequate reserve capacity to support this new growth. The well’s pump tests have produced 18 gallons per minute, which is expected to support over 120 new homes. Eastsound Water has plans, properties, wells and water rights for more than 500 additional homes to ensure that the water system can meet its “duty to serve” development in our service area.