Following last night’s Annual Meeting, online voting for the candidates that are running for a position on the Eastsound Water Board of Directors is open.

Members who have a viable email address associated with their account have been sent an invitation to participate in the Board member election. This email has a unique link embedded in it that will take you to your online ballot. To access the ballot you’ll need a KEY and a PASSWORD.  Your KEY is your ACCOUNT NUMBER. Eastsound Water Account numbers look like this (A123). They are a CAPITAL LETTER and 3 DIGITS. You can find your account number on your bills and your EYE ON WATER page.

Your PASSWORD is the first line of the mailing address you’ve provided Eastsound Water. It is case sensitive and looks like this (123 MAIN ST). Again, you can find this on your bills and your EYE ON WATER page.

The link to your ballot becomes inactive after you vote.

You’ll find additional information, including photos and statements from the 5 candidates on voting after you successfully enter the KEY and PASSWORD.

Eastsound Water’s bylaws require a “quorum” of 10% of the membership to a valid election. Following the annual meeting and main in proxy count we have not yet met that threshold, so please complete your voting. The online election closes at 11:45 a.m. on November 20. Results will be posted on this website BLOG on November 21.

If you have questions, please contact the office: 360 376 2127.