In 2019 Eastsound Water served more connections with less water than ever before. There are 3 graphics in this post that demonstrate the Water System continued improvements is efficiently managing the community’s water supply.

The first graph show the continual improvements in lowering water use. In 2001 the water system experienced “peak water”. Between 2000 and 2002 water use averaged 85,000 gallons per ERU (equivalent residential unit). In 2019 the water use was at a record low of just over 41,000 gallons per ERU. This a less than half the water than 20 years ago.

The below chart is of the annual production data, and the growth that Eastsound Water has experienced in the last 20 years. While the water system is serving 66% more ERU’s, it is doing so while producing 25% less water.

This chart shows both the significant growth that the water system has experienced, and the declining annual water production each year.

There are many factors that have contributed to this progress. There has been an 85% decrease in water lost to water main leaks. There has been improvements in helping members identify and repair leaks on their side of the water meter. There has been significant improvements in the operating efficiency of the water treatment plant, reducing a water consumed in back-washing the filter. Technology improvements have eliminated water loss associated with overflowing storage tanks. New homes are now include more efficient fixtures such a low flush toilets, and high efficiency washing machines. We have also made progress in insuring that members have adequate ERU’s for the impact their water use has on the system.

All told Eastsound Water is helping the community use our finite water resources as efficiently as possible.