Sub-freezing conditions are just around the corner on Orcas. It’s time to start thinking about “winterizing”. The long range forecast for this coming winter includes a moderate chance of lower than normal temperatures.

Below are some of Eastsound Water’s suggestions to add to your winterizing checklist.

SIGN UP FOR EYE ON WATER and program a leak detection alert. All Eastsound Water members have the ability to monitor their water use online and to activate a leak detection alert feature. Visit and click on EYE ON WATER to learn more. Don’t count on Eastsound Water to be monitoring your water meter for a leak, the water meter reports leaks on your pipes, not Eastsound Water’s. Programming a leak alert is EXTRA IMPORTANT if your home is empty for the winter.

Eastsound Water recommends seasonal homeowners shut off their water service both at the Master Water Valve at the house, AND at the Eastsound Water meter. We will provide seasonal water meter shut off service at no charge. We also suggest you locate and label your home’s master shut off valve, NOW, before an emergency water situation hits. If you’re shutting off the water, its best to shut power/gas to your hot water heater too.

Make sure your exterior crawl spaces are properly sealed; doors and other openings are closed or covered.

Are your hoses disconnected from their outdoor hose bibs and yard hydrants? Disconnect any “splitter” too. The hose bib fixtures need to fully drain, or they are subject to splitting under freezing conditions. It is also wise to cover outside hose bibs with a foam insulating cover.

Make sure that heat registers are not blocked.

In specific areas where you have previously had freeze up problems, consider wrapping pipes with electric heat tapes.

Keep interior doors open to rooms with water pipes so heat can circulate well. Also keep under sink doors open as well.